LF Fortran 95

-[N]XREF [(f=fval[,i=ival])]

Cross-Reference Listing

Compile only. Default: -nxref

Specify -xref to generate cross-reference information. This information is shown in the listing file in addition to the information that the -lst option would provide. Note that -xref overrides -lst. By default, cross reference file names consist of the root of the source file name plus the extension .lst.

You may optionally specify f for the listing file name, or i to list the contents of INCLUDE files.

fval specifies the listing file name to use instead of the default. If a file with this name already exists, it is overwritten. If the file can't be overwritten, the compiler aborts. If the user specifies a listing file name and more than one source file (possibly using wild cards) then the driver diagnoses the error and aborts.

ival is one of the characters of the set [YyNn], where Y and y indicate that include files should be included in the listing and N and n indicate that they should not. By default, include files are not included in the listing.


LF95 myprog -xref(i=y)

creates the cross reference file myprog.lst and outputs cross reference information for the source file.

Visual Studio Property

The -xref option corresponds to the Fortran|Compiler Output|Cross Reference Listing property. This property can be set on the property page for the project or source file.

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