Temporary File

This file was inserted by mshcMigrate.exe.

Original link: PURE Procedure.
Link source file: C:\DEV\Marlette\LFFortran\VS2010HelpSource\NatFortranMan_HxC\_HelpSource\F95ARPURE.htm
Description: Duplicate TOC link. v1.0 topics can only contain one TOC ID.

More Information

TOC and Index items are now defined using Meta tags stored within each topic. So empty TOC links, duplicate TOC links, toc Links with bookmarks, and TOC links to remote locations are no longer possible.

The temporary solution is to generate a temporary file so that help will merge correctly. At some stage you will need to remove these temporary files from your help source.


mshcMigrate part of shareware program FAR HTML 5. FAR can edit TOC and Index meta tags while showing you which nodes are blank, duplicate, bookmark etc. Use FAR as your main authoring program or as extra authoring tool.