LF Fortran 95

COUNT Function


The COUNT function counts the number of true elements in a logical mask either for an entire mask or along a given dimension of the mask.


COUNT (mask [, dim] )

Required Arguments

mask is an INTENT(IN) array of type LOGICAL. It must not be scalar.

Optional Arguments

dim is an INTENT(IN) scalar of type INTEGER with a value within the range 1 ≤ dimn, where n is the rank of mask. The corresponding actual argument must not be an optional dummy argument.


The result is of type default INTEGER. Its value and rank are computed as follows:

  1. The function will return a scalar logical value if mask has rank one, or if dim is absent. The result is the number of elements for which mask is true.
  2. The function will return a logical array of rank n-1 if dim is present and mask has rank two or greater. The resulting array is of shape (d1,d2, ...,ddim-1,ddim+1, ...,dn) where (d1,d2, ...,dn) is the shape of mask and n is the rank of mask. The result is the number of true elements for each corresponding vector in mask.


integer,dimension(2,3) :: a,b a=reshape((/1,2,3,4,5,6/),shape(a)) write(*,'(2i3)') a ! writes 1 2 ! 3 4 ! 5 6 b=reshape((/1,2,3,5,6,4/), (/2,3/)) write(*,'(2i3)') b ! writes 1 2 ! 3 5 ! 6 4 write(*,*) count(a==b) ! writes 3 write(*,*) count(a==b,dim=1) ! writes 2 1 0 write(*,*) count(a==b,dim=2) ! writes 2 1