GGETCL Subroutine
LF Fortran 95

GETCL Subroutine


The GETCL subroutine gets command line arguments.



GETCL (cl_args)


cl_args is an INTENT(OUT) scalar of type CHARACTER. It contains any text which is provided when the program is invoked beginning with the first non-white-space character after the program name.


If the length of cl_args is not sufficient to hold the entire command line argument, the leftmost characters in the argument are retained up to the length of the character variable

If any run-time arguments are present (-Wl,...), they will be returned by GETCL.

If no command line argument is present, cl_args contains blank characters.


character(256) :: cl_arg1 call getcl(cl_arg1) write(*,*) len_trim(cl_arg1),trim(cl_arg1)