LF Fortran 95

{ -O0 | -O1 | -O2 }

Optimization Level

Compile only. Default: -o1

Specify -o0 to perform no optimization. -o0 is automatically turned on when the -g option or the -chk option is specified.

Specify -o1 to perform optimization of object code.

Specify -o2 to perform additional optimizations. This optimization level implements full unrolling of nested loops, loop splitting to promote loop exchange, and array optimizations. Use of the -o2 option may significantly impact compilation speed. Use the -unroll option to limit the level of loop unrolling.

Visual Studio Property

The -o0|-o1|-o2 options can be set with the Fortran|Optimization|Optimization Level property. This property can be set on the property page for the project or source file.

See Also

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