LF Fortran 95


Quadruple Precision

Compile only. Default: -nquad

Specify -quad to extend all double-precision REAL and double-precision COMPLEX variables, arrays, constants, and functions to 128 bit REAL and COMPLEX respectively. Specifying -quad forces -dbl, so using -quad causes the precision of all REAL variables to be doubled.

If you use -quad, all source files (including modules) in a program should be compiled with -quad. Specifying -quad will usually result in significantly slower executables. All exceptions are trapped by default. This behavior can be overridden using the NDPEXC subroutine or the ERRSET service subroutine (see the file ReadMe_Service_Routines.txt).

Visual Studio Property

The -quad option corresponds to the Fortran|Precision|Extend Double Precision Real property. This property can be set on the property page for the project or source file.

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