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Product License Activation

By default, the Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran product is installed with licenses set up to expire after an evaluation period. To continue using a purchased product, the licenses must be activated. Activation is done after a product is purchased or upgraded. The License Activation program cannot be used to purchase a product.

When license activation takes place, it will only be valid on the PC on which it was activated. There are several scenarios that will cause the license to revert to a trial version:

If you uninstall and reinstall this product on the same PC configuration, it will still be activated. Contact sales@lahey.com when you need to reactivate your purchased license on a different PC.

License Activation

Product activation can be accomplished in several ways:

  1. The serial number for a purchased product is entered at the beginning of the Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran installation, and online activation takes place after the installation is complete.
  2. The License Activation program is run and a purchased product's serial number is entered for online activation.
  3. The License Activation program is run and manual codes are entered after receiving them from Lahey.

Activation During Installation

If you entered a serial number at the beginning of the setup, at the end you will be given the following choice to activate your license online:

Before pressing Yes, be sure to press Proxy and enter your proxy address if you have a network proxy server. When Yes is pressed, the online activation will be initiated, and you will be notified whether activation was successful. If successful, your product is ready to use. If No is pressed, or the online activation fails, you will have to activate the product by using the License Activation utility program, as described below.

The License Activation Utility Program

Select the License Activation shortcut from the Programs menu, under Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran > Product Maintenance. You may see this dialog:

If the dialog shown above is present, press the "OK" button. The Dialog Activation dialog should be visible:

After Activation

When a new activation has taken place, you will be presented with the choices to register your product with Lahey and to check for available product updates.

An upgrade to a new edition can be accomplished using the License Activation utility program – the Enterprise edition will be issued a new serial number at time of purchase.