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Installing Maintenance Updates

Maintenance updates for purchased products are made available from Lahey's website. They comprise bug fixes or enhancements or both for this version of this product. The update program applies "patches" to your files to bring them up-to-date. The maintenance update version shows as the last two-digits of the version of your compiler. This is displayed in the first line of output when you run the compiler

Any time you want to check the availability of a maintenance update for this version, select Online Update from the Programs menu, and a program will step you through the updating process:

Online Update will first perform a quick check and tell you whether you are up-to-date or if an update is available. If you choose to install the update, the necessary patch files will be downloaded and applied. You need to be connected to the Internet to perform the check and download the files.

To automatically check for updates at regular intervals at startup, press the Advanced button after starting Online Update and enter the interval (in days) in the Check Interval field. An LF Online Update icon will be added to your Windows Startup folder. At startup, Online Update will start only if the specified check interval days have passed since the last time Online Update was run. Thereafter, to disable automatic checking, set the check interval to 0 (zero) days.

Another way to get the latest maintenance update for this version is by going to Lahey's web site at www.lahey.com and navigate to Downloads. There you will find update programs you can download, as well as release notes and bug fix descriptions. Once you have downloaded an update program, you will no longer need an Internet connection. This method is preferred over Online Update by those who need to update on systems that are not connected to the Internet, or who want the ability to revert to a previous maintenance version by saving the update programs.

In general, if you modify the contents of any of the files installed by this product (except within the Examples directory), that particular file will no longer be valid for updating, and the update installation program may abort with an error message.