LF Fortran 95

Character String Edit Descriptors

Character String Edit Descriptors

The character string edit descriptors cause literal CHARACTER data to be output. They must not be used for input.

CHARACTER String Editing

The CHARACTER string edit descriptor causes characters to be output from a string, including blanks. Enclosing characters are either apostrophes or quotation marks.

For a CHARACTER string edit descriptor, the width of the field is the number of characters contained in, but not including, the delimiting characters. Within the field, two consecutive delimiting characters (apostrophes, if apostrophes are the delimiters; quotation marks, if quotation marks are the delimiters) are counted as a single character. Thus an apostrophe or quotation mark character can be output as part of a CHARACTER string edit descriptor delimited by the same character.

H Editing (obsolescent)

The cH edit descriptor causes character information to be written from the next c characters (including blanks) following the H of the cH edit descriptor in the list of format items itself. The c characters are called a Hollerith constant.