LF Fortran 95

Specifying Options

The driver recognizes one or more letters preceded by a hyphen (-) as a command-line option. You may not combine options after a hyphen: for example, -x and -y may not be entered as -xy.

Many options can be specified or negated, a negated option consists of the option preceded by the letter "n". For example, the option -g would mean compile for debug, while the option -ng would mean do not compile for debug.

Some options take arguments in the form of filenames, strings, letters, or numbers. You must enter a space between the option and its argument(s).

-i incdir

If an unknown option is detected, the entire text from the beginning of the unknown option to the beginning of the next option or end of the command line is passed to the linker.

Command line options are processed from left to right. If conflicting options are specified, the last one specified takes precedence. For example, if the command line contained LF95 foo -g -ng, the -ng option would be used.

Compiling and linking can be broken into separate steps using the -c option. Unless the -c option is specified, the LF95 driver will attempt to link and create an executable after the compilation phase completes. Specifying -c anywhere in the command line will cause the link phase to be abandoned and all linker options to be ignored.

Some linker options require a number as an argument. By default, all numbers are assumed to be decimal numbers. A different radix can be specified by appending a radix specifier to the number. The following table lists the bases and their radix specifiers:


Radix Specifiers


Radix Specifier

Example of 32 in base


B or b



Q or q






H or h


The underscore character (`_') can be used in numbers to make them more readable: 80000000h is the same as 8000_0000h.

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