LF Fortran 95

Make Utilities


Two separate make utilities are provided, Polyhedron's AUTOMAKE and Microsoft's NMAKE.

AUTOMAKE is an easy to use utility that enables the user to quickly and efficiently generate a Fortran application. AUTOMAKE is best used when all source files comprising an application exist in a single directory, and that directory contains no extraneous Fortran source files. Under the control of a simple configuration file, AUTOMAKE automatically scans the source files, accurately tracks file dependencies, and builds target files.

NMAKE is a traditional make utility that can be used to create complex or mixed-language applications. NMAKE is best used for building complex multiple target applications. It is the user's responsibility to create the makefile used by NMAKE, and to ensure that files are compiled in the proper order. Although makefile contents are briefly described in this manual, for a more complete description of NMAKE, see the MSDN documentation.