LF Fortran 95

WiSK Graphics Libraries

The Win32 version of LF Fortran comes bundled with a graphics library called WiSK (Winteracter Starter Kit) which is derived from the full Winteracter library created by Interactive Software Services, Ltd. Winteracter is a Fortran 90 dedicated user-interface and graphics development tool that allows Fortran programmers to incorporate dialogs, menus, presentation graphics, and other windows features into their applications. Versions of WiSK and Winteracter exists for both Win32 and Linux platforms.

The main Winteracter user interface design tool is the resource editor, ResEdit. This tool allows you to create, edit and maintain resource scripts which define dialogs, menus, icons, bitmaps and cursors.

To create a 32-bit Windows program using procedures from the WiSK library, specify the -wisk option along with the program source and the name of a resource file created with ResEdit.


LF95 myprog.f90 myrc.rc -wisk

In this example, the source file MYPROG.F90 contains calls to the WiSK library and MYRC.RC contains resource definitions created by ResEdit.

The following takes place:

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