LF Fortran 95

Visual Studio Debugging Overview

The LF95 Fortran integration package uses Visual Studio debugging interfaces to host the FDB command line debugger. This allows you to debug your Fortran program using the Visual Studio Debug menu. While debugging, you can watch the values of variables change during program execution and set breakpoints with a mouse click. Using the VS debugging interface, you can run your program, set breakpoints, step a line at a time, view the values of variables in your program in several different ways, change the values of variables, and examine stack frames while running your program. The current executable line and any breakpoints are indicated with markers in the left margin of the source code display.

In order to debug your program with Visual Studio, the active solution configuration must be set to Debug. This ensures the program is compiled with debugging information enabled. Debugging information is stored in a file with the same name as the executable having the extension .ydg. Debugging cannot be performed without the presence of the .ydg file in the same directory as the executable file.

The VS debugger cannot be used on LF90 executables.