LF Fortran 95

Expandable Code

Expandable code can make the chore of navigating through sections of code easier by allowing you to collapse a region of code into a single line. This feature works at the module and procedure levels by default, but the user has the ability to add new outlining regions, or to remove existing outlining regions.

Outlining will be disabled for code files containing preprocessor directives and for INCLUDE files.

Expanding and Collapsing Sections of Code

The figure below shows a region of expanded code with the expansion controls visible on the left side. The control is a small box containing a "-", signifying that clicking on the control will collapse that code region. The line extending below the square box indicates the extent of the code region.

The next figure shows the same code after some regions have been collapsed:

Notice that the second module was not collapsed, but the procedure within the module was collapsed. Also, the expansion control for the collapsed section now displays a "+" instead of a "-". Clicking on the "+" control will expand the code region, while clicking on the "-" control will collapse the region.

A portion of the collapsed code can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the box containing the "...":

The Outlining Menu

The Outlining menu can be used to expand or collapse all code region at once instead of one at a time, to toggle the expansion state of a single region of code, or to add or remove new outlining regions. The Outlining menu is accessed either from the Edit menu or by right clicking in the code view.