LF Fortran 95

Upgrading an Existing Visual Studio LF Fortran Project

To upgrade a Fortran project:

  1. Select the File pull down menu, move the mouse over "Open" and then over "Project/Solution" and left-click on it. This brings up the Open Project dialog box:

  2. Navigate to the directory where the Visual Studio project lives and open the project. When Visual Studio detects that it is an old project, it will start the Conversion Wizard:

  3. To convert the project with the default backup options, press the "Finish" button. To specify a backup directory or to convert without backup, press the "Next" button to make the appropriate changes.

A new VS2010 project is automatically created and is reflected in the Solution Explorer window (If Solution Explorer is not visible, you can make it visible by selecting it from the View pull down menu).