LF Fortran 95

WinFDB Overview

WinFDB is the Windows version of the FDB symbolic source-level debugger for Fortran 95, C, and assembly programs. While debugging, you can watch the values of variables change during program execution and set breakpoints with a mouse click. The WinFDB debugger can run your program, set breakpoints, step a line at a time, view the values of variables in your program in several different ways, and change the values of variables while running your program. The current executable line and any breakpoints are indicated with markers in the left margin of the source code display.

Before debugging your program you must compile it using the -g option (see -G Compiler Option). The -g option creates an additional file with debugging information -- this file has the same name as the executable with the extension .ydg. Debugging cannot be performed without the presence of the .ydg file in the same directory as the executable file. WinFDB cannot be used on LF90 executables.

This chapter assumes a basic familiarity with Windows. It presents an overview of WinFDB's functionality. More detailed information is available through WinFDB's on-line help.