LF Fortran
    Product Highlights
    What's New?
       License Agreement
       System Requirements
       What Gets Installed?
       Installing the Visual Studio Shell
       Installing LF95 with Visual Studio Integration
       Installing LF95 Only
       Product License Activation
       Registering Your Copy of LF Fortran
       Installing Maintenance Updates
       Repairing the Installation
       Uninstalling LF Fortran
    Getting Started with Fortran 95 and Visual Studio
       Fortran 95 Documentation Map
       Building Your First Fortran 95 Project
       How To: Migrate Existing Code Into Visual Studio
    LF Fortran 95
       The Fortran 95 Language
          Character Set
          Statement Labels
          Source Form
             Data Types
             Literal Data
             Named Data
             Character Substrings
                Array References
                Dynamic Arrays
                Array Constructors
             Derived Types
                Derived Type Definition
                Derived Type Declaration
                Derived Type Component References
                Derived Type Constructors
             Control Statements
             Specification Statements
             Input/Output Statements
             Assignment and Storage Statements
             Program Structure Statements
             Preconnected Units
             File Types
             Carriage Control
             Input/Output Editing
                Format Control
                Data Edit Descriptors
                Control Descriptors
                Character String Edit Descriptors
                List Directed Editing
                NAMELIST Editing
          Executable Constructs
          Program Units
             Main Program
             Block Data
             Types of Procedures
             Statement Functions
             Internal Procedures
             Recursive Procedures
             PURE Procedure
             ELEMENTAL Procedure
             Procedure Arguments
             Procedure Interfaces
          Fortran 77 Compatibility
       Fortran 95 User's Guide
          Developing with Visual Studio
             Fortran Language Service
                Block Commenting and Indenting
                Block Reformatting
                Code Completion
                Code Snippets
                Collapsible Regions
                Expandable Code
                Find All References
                Go To Definition/Declaration
                Navigation Bars
                Parameter Info
                Parenthesis Matching
                Quick Info
                Smart Indenting
                Syntax Coloring
             Solutions and Projects
                Fortran Project Types
                Creating a New Fortran Project
                Upgrading an Existing Visual Studio LF Fortran Project
                Adding an Existing Project
                Adding Existing Source Files
                Removing Items from a Project
                Fortran Include Files
                Linking a Project With Libraries or Object Files
                Compiling and Linking a Project With Modules
                Setting Project Dependencies
             Setting Build Options
                Project/File Build Options
             Building Projects and Viewing Errors
             Debugging Projects
                Visual Studio Debugging Overview
                Running the Debugger
                Setting and Deleting Breakpoints
                Running and Stopping the Program
                Displaying Debug Information
             Visual Studio Automation
             Class View and Object Browser
             Context-Sensitive Help
          Command Line Development
             Creating and Managing Projects
             How the Driver Works
             Running LF95
                Driver Overview
                Filename Conventions
                Specifying Options
                Driver Configuration File (LF95.FIG)
                Command Files
                Return Codes from the Driver
                Recommended Option Settings
             Creating Applications and Libraries
             Command-Line Debugging with FDB
                Overview of FDB
                Communicating with fdb
                Executing and Terminating a Program
                Shell Commands
                Controlling Program Execution
                Displaying Program Stack Information
                Setting and Displaying Program Variables
                Source File Display
                Automatic Display
                Control Parameters
                Fortran 95 Specific
             Library Manager
                Creating Import Libraries
             Make Utilities
                   The AUTOMAKE Configuration File
                   Multi-Phase Compilation
                   Automake Notes
                   The TOOLS.INI file
                   Building a Library
                   Building a Program with Module Dependencies
                   Building Multiple Targets
             Utility Programs
                SEQUNF.F90 / UNFSEQ.F90
          Mixed Language Programming
             Mixed Language Overview
             Dynamically Linked Applications
                DLL Support
                Declaring Calling Conventions
                Building Fortran DLLs
                Building Import Libraries
                Delivering Applications with LF95 DLLs
             Statically Linked Fortran and C Applications
                Static Linking Overview
                Calling Conventions
                Argument Passing
                Type Correspondence
             Fortran Calling Fortran DLLs
             Fortran and C Applications
                Fortran Calling C DLLs
                C Calling Fortran DLLs
                Referencing DLL Procedures
                Passing Data
             Visual Basic Information
             Borland Delphi Information
             Calling Fortran DLLs from .NET Applications
             Calling the Windows API
             Calling Assembly Language Procedures
          Debugging with WinFDB
             WinFDB Overview
             How to Start and Terminate WinFDB
             Setting and Deleting Breakpoints
             Running and Stopping the Program
             Displaying Debug Information
             Entering FDB Commands
          Code Analysis Tools
             Sampler Tool
             Coverage Tool
             Visual Analyzer
          Math and Graphics Libraries
             BLAS and LAPACK  Matrix and Linear Algebra Libraries
             SSL II (Scientific Software) Libraries
             WiSK Graphics Libraries
             OpenGL Graphics Libraries
          Limits of Operation
       Fortran 95 Reference
          Notational Conventions
          Compiler and Linker Options
             { -O0 | -O1 | -O2}
             { -TP | -TPP | -TP4 }
             { -WIN | -WINCONSOLE }
          Runtime Options
          Alphabetical Reference to the Fortran 95 Language
             !#region Statement
             ABS Function
             ACHAR Function
             ACOS Function
             ADJUSTL Function
             ADJUSTR Function
             AIMAG Function
             AINT Function
             ALL Function
             ALLOCATABLE Statement
             ALLOCATED Function
             ALLOCATE Statement
             ANINT Function
             ANY Function
             Arithmetic IF Statement (obsolescent)
             ASIN Function
             Assigned GOTO Statement (obsolescent)
             Assignment Statement
             ASSIGN Statement (obsolescent)
             ASSOCIATED Function
             ATAN2 Function
             ATAN Function
             BACKSPACE Statement
             BIT_SIZE Function
             BLOCK DATA Statement
             BTEST Function
             CALL Statement
             CARG Function
             CASE Construct
             CEILING Function
             CHARACTER Statement
             CHAR Function
             CLOSE Statement
             CMPLX Function
             COMMON Statement
             COMPLEX Statement
             Computed GOTO Statement (obsolescent)
             CONJG Function
             CONTAINS Statement
             CONTINUE Statement
             COS Function
             COSH Function
             COUNT Function
             CPU_TIME Subroutine
             CSHIFT Function
             CYCLE Statement
             DATA Statement
             DATE_AND_TIME Subroutine
             DBLE Function
             DEALLOCATE Statement
             DIGITS Function
             DIMENSION Statement
             DIM Function
             DLL_EXPORT Statement
             DLL_IMPORT Statement
             DO Construct
             DOT_PRODUCT Function
             DOUBLE PRECISION Statement
             DPROD Function
             DVCHK Subroutine
             ELEMENTAL Procedure
             END Statement
             ENDFILE Statement
             ENTRY Statement
             EOSHIFT Function
             EPSILON Function
             EQUIVALENCE Statement
             ERROR Subroutine
             EXIT Statement
             EXIT Subroutine
             EXP Function
             EXPONENT Function
             EXTERNAL Statement
             FLOOR Function
             FLUSH Subroutine
             FORALL Construct
             FORALL Statement
             FORMAT Statement
             FRACTION Function
             FUNCTION Statement
             GGETCL Subroutine
             GETENV Subroutine
             GO TO Statement
             HUGE Function
             IACHAR Function
             IAND Function
             IBCLR Function
             IBITS Function
             IBSET Function
             ICHAR Function
             IEOR Function
             IF Construct
             IF Statement
             IMPLICIT Statement
             INCLUDE Line
             INDEX Function
             INQUIRE Statement
             INTEGER Statement
             INTENT Statement
             INTERFACE Block
             INT Function
             INTRINSIC Statement
             INVALOP Subroutine
             IOR Function
             IOSTAT_MSG Subroutine
             ISHFTC Function
             ISHFT Function
             KIND Function
             LBOUND Function
             LEN_TRIM Function
             LEN Function
             LGE Function
             LGT Function
             LLE Function
             LLT Function
             LOG10 Function
             LOG Function
             LOGICAL Function
             LOGICAL Statement
             MATMUL Function
             MAXEXPONENT Function
             MAX Function
             MAXLOC Function
             MAXVAL Function
             MERGE Function
             MINEXPONENT Function
             MIN Function
             MINLOC Function
             MINVAL Function
             ML_EXTERNAL Statement
             MOD Function
             MODULE PROCEDURE Statement
             MODULE Statement
             MODULO Function
             MVBITS Subroutine
             NAMELIST Statement
             NDPERR Function
             NDPEXC Subroutine
             NEAREST Function
             NINT Function
             NOT Function
             NULL Function
             NULLIFY Statement
             OPEN Statement
             OPTIONAL Statement
             OVEFL Subroutine
             PACK Function
             PARAMETER Statement
             PAUSE Statement (obsolescent)
             Pointer Assignment Statement
             POINTER Function
             POINTER Statement
             PRECFILL Subroutine
             PRECISION Function
             PRESENT Function
             PRINT Statement
             PRIVATE Statement
             PRODUCT Function
             PROGRAM Statement
             PUBLIC Statement
             PURE Procedure
             RADIX Function
             RANDOM_NUMBER Subroutine
             RANDOM_SEED Subroutine
             RANGE Function
             READ Statement
             REAL Function
             REAL Statement
             REPEAT Function
             RECURSIVE Procedure
             RESHAPE Function
             RESULT Variable
             RETURN Statement
             REWIND Statement
             RRSPACING Function
             SAVE Statement
             SCALE Function
             SCAN Function
             SELECT CASE Statement
             SELECTED_INT_KIND Function
             SELECTED_REAL_KIND Function
             SEQUENCE Statement
             SET_EXPONENT Function
             SHAPE Function
             SIGN Function
             SIN Function
             SINH Function
             SIZE Function
             SPACING Function
             SPREAD Function
             SQRT Function
             Statement Function
             STOP Statement
             SUBROUTINE Statement
             SUM Function
             SYSTEM_CLOCK Subroutine
             SYSTEM Subroutine
             TAN Function
             TANH Function
             TARGET Statement
             TINY Function
             TRANSFER Function
             TRANSPOSE Function
             TRIM Function
             Type Declaration Statement
             TYPE Statement
             UBOUND Function
             UNDFL Subroutine
             UNPACK Function
             USE Statement
             VAL Function
             VALUE Statement and Attribute
             VERIFY Function
             VOLATILE Statement
             WHERE Construct
             WHERE Statement
             WRITE Statement
          Fortran Automation
             Automation Properties
          Intrinsic Procedures
             Numeric Functions
             Mathematical Functions
             Character Functions
             Array Functions
             Inquiry and Kind Functions
             Bit Manipulation Procedures
             Other Intrinsic Functions
             Standard Intrinsic Subroutines
             VAX/IBM Functions without Fortran 95 Equivalents
             Utility Procedures
          ASCII Character Set