Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

FORALL Construct


The FORALL construct controls execution of a block of assignment and pointer assignment statements. Execution in the block is selected by sets of index values and an optional mask expression.


[construct-name:] FORALL ( forall-triplets [, mask] )
END FORALL [construct-name]

construct-name is an optional name for the FORALL construct.

forall-triplets is a comma-separated list of

index-name=subscript : subscript [: stride]

index-name is a named scalar variable of type INTEGER.

subscript is a scalar INTEGER variable, which is an array index

stride is a scalar INTEGER variable, which is the array stride

mask is a scalar expression of type LOGICAL.

forall-body is zero or more

assignment or pointer assignment statements, WHERE statements or constructs, or FORALL statements or constructs.


Execution of a FORALL construct causes the set of values for index-name to be determined, and mask to be evaluated.

Values for index-name are determined by taking the starting subscript, and incrementing it by the stride until a value falls outside the range subscript : subscript.

mask is evaluated for each combination of index-name values, and assignments in the forall-body are made for those combinations of index-names for which mask evaluates to true.

subscript may not refer to an index-name in the same forall-triplets list.

stride may not make reference to an index-name in the same forall-triplets list.

If the FORALL construct has a construct-name, the same construct-name must appear at the beginning and end of the construct.

Any procedure referenced in mask or in forall-body must be a PURE Procedure.

If mask is not present it is as if it were present with the value true.

The set of values for index-name may be determined in any order.

The value of an index-name cannot be altered within the forall-body.


real :: a(3,3) integer :: i,j forall(i=1:3,j=1:3:2) ! selection by index values a(i,j)=real(i+j) end forall write(*,'(3(1x,f10.6))') a ! row 2 is all zeros forall(i=1:3, j=1:3,a(i,j) == 0.) ! selection by index ! values and scalar mask a(i,j)=i*j ! this assignment is only done for ! elements of a that equal zero end forall write(*,'(3(1x,f10.6))') a

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