Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

!#region Statement


The !#region statement denotes the starting line of a user-defined Collapsible region. The ending line is indicated by the endregion statement. Collapsible regions are an editing feature that allows the user to collapse code blocks to improve readability and for easier navigation through a source code document.


!#region [region-description]
... !#endregion Where:

region-description is a brief description of what is within the region.


Region statements may may be nested.


integer :: i, j !#region Outer do loop do i=1, 10 if(i < 3) cycle ! cycles outer !#region Inner do loop do j=1, 10 if (i < j) exit ! cycles inner if (i > j) cycle outer ! cycles to outer end do inner !#endregion end do outer !#endregion

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