Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran


Global Checking

Compile only. Default: -nchkglobal

Specify -chkglobal to generate compiler error messages for inter-program-unit diagnostics, and to perform full compile-time and runtime checking.

The global checking will only be performed on the source which is compiled within one invocation of the compiler (the command line). For example, the checking will not occur on a USEd module which is not compiled at the same time as the source containing the USE statement, nor will the checking occur on object files or libraries specified on the command line.

Because specifying -chkglobal forces -chk (x), specification of -chkglobal must be used for compilation of all files of the program, or incorrect results may occur. Do not use with 3rd-party-compiled modules, objects, or libraries. See the description of -chk for more information.

Global checking diagnostics will not be published in the listing file. Specifying -chkglobal adds to the size of a program and causes it to run more slowly, sometimes as much as an order of magnitude. It forces -chk (a,e,s,u,x), -trace, and removes optimization by forcing -o0.

Visual Studio Property

The -chkglobal option corresponds to the Fortran|Debug/Diagnostics|Global Runtime Checking property. This property can be set on the property page for the project only.

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