Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

-FILE filename


Compile and link. Default: not present

Precede the name of a file with -file to ensure the driver will interpret filename as the name of a file and not an argument to an option.


On the following command line, bill.f90 is correctly interpreted as a source file:

    LF95 -checksum -file bill.f90

On this next command line, bill.f90 is not recognized as a source file. The driver passes the unrecognized option, -checksum, to the linker and assumes the following string, "bill.f90", is an argument to the -checksum option.

    LF95 -checksum bill.f90

On this last command line, -file is not necessary. The order of driver arguments allows unambiguous interpretation:

    LF95 bill.f90 -checksum

Visual Studio Property

The -file option does not have a corresponding property. If an exceptional situation requires the use of the -file option, it can be set with the Fortran|General|Additional Compiler Options property.