Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

-[N]LST [(f=fval[,i=ival])]


Compile only. Default: -nlst

Specify -lst to generate a listing file that contains the source program, compiler options, date and time of compilation, and any compiler diagnostics. The compiler outputs one listing file for each compile session. By default, listing file names consist of the root of the first source file name plus the extension .lst.

You may optionally specify f= for the listing file name, or i= to list the contents of INCLUDE files.

fval specifies the listing file name to use instead of the default. If a file with this name already exists, it is overwritten. If the file can't be overwritten, the compiler aborts. If the user specifies a listing file name and more than one source file (possibly using wild cards) then the driver diagnoses the error and aborts.

ival is one of the characters of the set [YyNn], where Y and y indicate that include files should be included in the listing and N and n indicate that they should not. By default, include files are not included in the listing.


LF95 myprog -lst (i=y)

creates the listing file myprog.lst, which lists primary and included source. Note that -xref overrides -lst.

Visual Studio Property

The -lst option corresponds to the Fortran|Compiler Output|Source Listing property. This property can be set on the property page for the project or source file.

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