Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

-[NO]MAP filename

Change map file name

Link only. Default: create a map file with same name as output file

The -map option is used to specify a name for the linker map file. The linker map file is a text file describing the output load image. The map file contains the following information:

  • names of the input object files,
  • a list of the segments comprising the program, and
  • a list of the public symbols in the program.
  • By default, the linker produces a map file each time a program is linked. The default name of the map file is the name of the output file, with its extension changed to .MAP. Any path information specifying a directory where the output file is to be placed also applies to the map file.

    The -map option renames or relocates the map file. The option takes a single argument, which is the path and name of the map file to be produced. If no path information is specified in the map file name, then it is placed in the current directory.

    The linker can be prevented from producing a map file with the -nomap option. The option takes no arguments. The -nomap option is useful to make the linker run faster, since no time is spent writing a map file. The option is also a good way to save disk space, because map files can be quite large.

    Visual Studio Property

    The -map option corresponds to the Linker|Additional Linker Options property. This property can be set on the property page for the project only.


    LF95 moe.obj larry.obj curly.obj -map stooges.nuk LF95 hello.obj -nomap

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