Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

-[N]PREFETCH [{ 1 | 2 }]

Generate prefetch optimizations

Compile only. Default: -nprefetch

Prefetch optimizations can improve performance on systems which support prefetch instructions, such as Pentium III and Athlon systems.

The prefetch 1 option causes prefetch instructions to be generated for arrays in loops. The prefetch 2 option generates optimized prefetch instructions. Because Pentium 4 chips implement prefetch in hardware, the use of -prefetch can adversely affect performance on those systems. Performance will be program dependent. Try each prefetch option (-nprefetch, -prefetch 1, or -prefetch 2) to determine which works best with your code. The -prefetch option will be ignored if -o0 or -g are used.

Please note: code generated with -prefetch is not compatible with processors made before the Pentium III or Athlon.

Visual Studio Property

The -prefetch option corresponds to the Fortran|Optimization|Prefetch property. This property can be set on the property page for the project only.

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