Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

Input/Output Statements


The BACKSPACE statement positions the file before the current record, if there is a current record, otherwise before the preceding record.


The CLOSE statement terminates the connection of a specified input/output unit to an external file.


The ENDFILE statement writes an endfile record as the next record of the file. The file is then positioned after the endfile record, which becomes the last record of the file.


The FORMAT statement provides explicit information that directs the editing between the internal representation of data and the characters that are input or output.


The INQUIRE statement enables the program to make inquiries about a file's existence, connection, access method or other properties.


The OPEN statement connects or reconnects an external file and an input/output unit.


The PRINT statement transfers values from an output list to an input/output unit.


The READ statement transfers values from an input/output unit to the entities specified in an input list or a namelist group.


The REWIND statement positions the specified file at its initial point.


The WRITE statement transfers values to an input/output unit from the entities specified in an output list or a namelist group.