Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

Driver Overview

By default, the LF95 driver program will compile any specified source files and link them along with any specified object files and libraries i nto an executable program.

To run the driver, type LF95 followed by a list of one or more file names and optional command-line options:

LF95 filenames [options]

Depending on the extension(s) of the filename(s) specified, the driver will invoke the necessary tools. The extensions.F95 ,.F90,.FOR, and .F, for example, cause the compiler to be invoked. The extension .OBJ causes the linker to be invoked; the extension .RC causes the resource compiler to be invoked.

Pathnames and filenames containing spaces must be enclosed in quotes.

The driver searches for the various tools (the compiler, library manager, linker, and resource compiler) first in the directory the driver is located and then, if not found, on the DOS path.

To display the LF95 version number and a summary of valid command-line options, type LF95 -help.

To display only the LF95 version number and owner information, type LF95 -version.

Note: the extension .MOD is reserved for compiler-generated module files. Do not use this extension for your Fortran source files.