Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

The TOOLS.INI file

Commands for NMAKE can be specified in the NMAKE section of a file called TOOLS.INI. When NMAKE is invoked, it looks for the TOOLS.INI file in the current directory, or in the location specified by the INIT environment variable. The TOOLS.INI file is a good place to define LF95 as the Fortran compiler, and to specify suffix build rules. A typical TOOLS.INI file for LF95 might look like this:

FC       = lf95
DEBUG    = -g -trace -info -f95 -stchk -chk
OPTIMIZE = -o1 -ntrace -ndal
.f90.obj :
	$(FC) -c $<

.for.obj :
	$(FC) -c $<

.f.obj :
$(FC) -c $<

When a file like this is available to NMAKE, the macros and default build commands defined here become the default, and are used unless overridden by a local build command.

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