Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran

Entering FDB Commands

The command line version of FDB provides some features that are not available with a UI interface. Features like setting breakpoint conditions, or using regular expressions to display a set of information can be made available by using the FDB interface.

To enter FDB commands for more detailed debugging activity:

  1. Press the 'Input FDB Command' toolbutton or select the 'Input FDB Command' command from the Debug menu. The 'Input FDB Command' Dialog appears:

  2. Type a command in the 'Command:' field in the Input Command dialog, or select a command from the drop-down command history, or simply click OK to repeat the last command. See Command-Line Debugging with FDB for more information on FDB commands.
  3. The messages and results are displayed in the 'Input Command Log' window: