Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran


  1. In source level debugging, the executable file (.EXE) and its debugging information file (.YDG) must exist in the same directory. In the same way, the dynamic link library (.DLL) and its debugging information file must exist in the same directory.
  2. In source level debugging, the prolog instructions of each function may cause the following features not to work correctly:
    • - traceback indication
    • - step over command
  3. When searching the source files, the Debugger refers to the environment variable FDB_SRC_PATH. There are two ways of specifying the environment variable:

    Example 1: In the command prompt

    c:\> set FDB_SRC_PATH=c:\users\fujitsu\prog;d:\common\lib\src c:\> winfdb

    The above specifies the full pathnames of the directory in which the source files exist. If there are more than two directories, you may specify them with the separator ";", then invoke the Debugger.

    Example 2: In the Control Panel (Windows NT only)

    Variable(V): FDB_SRC_PATH Value(A): c:\users\fujitsu\prog;d:\common\lib\src

    The above specifies environment variable FDB_SRC_PATH to each user's environment variable of the System in the Control Panel. In Windows 95/98, specify the environment variable FDB_SRC_PATH in AUTOEXEC.BAT.

  4. If the debug option is specified when linking, object filenames must be specified with full pathnames except for the objects in the current directory.
  5. If objects are linked with the debug option and static link libraries are in a different directory from the object files and debugging information files(.YDG), to debug the executable file, specify the full path-names of the object files and the debugging information file to the environment variable FDB_MERG_PATH.

    Example: Specify the environment variable FDB_MERG_PATH

    set FDB_MERG_PATH=c:\users\fujitsu;e:\apl\users\lib\obj

    In the above, the directory name is specified with full pathnames separated by a semicolon.

    Note: The object file and debugging information file are searched as follows:

    • The directories specified in the environment variable FDB_MERG_PATH.
    • The directories which store the user's library.