Lahey/GNU Fortran

-ml { bc | bd | fc | gcc | lf90 | lf95 | msvb | msvc | winapi }

Mixed Language

Compile and link. Default: none

GFortran option: -fno-underscoring, -fallow-leading-underscore

Specify the -ml option if your code calls or is called by code written in another language or if  another language's code will call procedures in DLLs created by LGF. -ml affects name mangling for procedure names in DLL_IMPORT, DLL_EXPORT, and ML_EXTERNAL statements.

Use bc for Borland C++; bd for Borland Delphi; fc for Fujitsu C; gcc for GNU GCC; lf95 for Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95; lf90 for Lahey Fortran 90;msvb for Microsoft Visual Basic; msvc for Microsoft Visual C++; and winapi for accessing the Windows API directly.

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