Lahey/GNU Fortran

-t target

Target Processor

Compile only. Default: set on installation

GFortran option: -march

Specify one of the following for target:

Target Description
native Native
i386 i386
i486 i486
i586 i586
pentium Intel Pentium
pentium-mmx Intel Pentium (MMX)
pentiumpro Intel Pentium Pro
i686 i686
pentium2 Intel Pentium II
pentium3 Intel Pentium III
pentium3m Intel Pentium III-M
pentium-m Intel Pentium M
pentium4 Intel Pentium 4
pentium4m Intel Pentium 4-M
prescott Intel Prescott
nocona Intel Nocona
core2 Intel Core 2
corei7 Intel Core i7
corei7-avx Intel Core i7 (AVX)
core-avx-i Intel Core (AVX)
atom Intel Atom
k6 AMD K6
k6-2 AMD K6-2
k6-3 AMD K6-III
athlon AMD Athlon
athlon-tbird AMD Athlon Thunderbird
athlon-4 AMD Athlon 4
athlon-xp AMD Athlon XP
athlon-mp AMD Athlon MP
k8 AMD K8
opteron AMD Opteron
athlon64 AMD Athlon 64
athlon-fx AMD Athlon 64 FX
k8-sse3 AMD K8 (SSE3)
opteron-sse3 AMD Opteron (SSE3)
athlon-sse3 AMD Athlon 64 (SSE3)
amdfam10, AMD K10 Family
barcelona AMD Barcelona
bdver1 AMD Bulldozer (v1)
bdver2 AMD Bulldozer (v2)
btver1 AMD Bobcat
geode AMD Geode
winchip-c6 IDT Winchip C6
winchip2 IDT Winchip2
c3 Via C3
c3-2 Via C3-2