Lahey/GNU Fortran

{ -win | -winconsole }


Compile and link. Default: -winconsole

GFortran options: -mconsole, -mwindows

Specifying -winconsole will create a console mode application. A Windows console will be created if the program is invoked from Windows Explorer, a menu selection, or a program icon, and it will disappear after program completion. If the program is invoked from the command line of an existing console, all console I/O will be performed within that console.

Specifying -win will create a Windows mode application. Console I/O is not supported when the -win option is specified. The unit numbers 5 and 6 are not preconnected to stdin and stdout when -win is specified. If output is sent to unit 6, without being OPENed, the output is sent to file FORT.6. The program will attempt to read from file FORT.5 if a READ statement is executed for unit 5 and the unit was not OPENed.