Lahey Fortran

Getting Started with Visual Studio Fortran

What is Visual Studio?

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) created by Microsoft that is used to edit, build, run, and debug applications, as well as facilitating the development process in many ways. Lahey Fortran Visual Studio Fortran Support integrates with Visual Studio to allow these features to be used with Fortran programs.

The Visual Studio development environment can seem intimidating at first glance, however it is quite easy to use, once you are aquainted with it. Most of the time, unless you have specific needs, you can let Visual Studio worry about the details of running the compiler.

Briefly, to use Visual Studio, you first need to tell it which source files to use to create your program or library. The source files are grouped into projects, where a project contains all the information and source needed to compile and link a program or library. Once you have your files in a project, creating an executable is as easy as selecting "Build Solution" from Visual Studio's Build menu. Visual Studio will then scan your files to decide what order they should be compiled in, compile and link your source into an executable, provided the source contains no errors. To see your program execute, you can select "Start Without Debugging" from the Debug menu. If needed, the program will be built and then executed. You can take control of the build process by setting project properties.

For more help on Visual Studio project types, creating, adding and removing a project, adding existing source files, and more, see Solutions and Projects

Starting the Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio can be started by selecting Microsoft Visual Studio <version> (Lahey Fortran) from Windows Start. When Visual Studio is running, you are ready to create a new project, or open an old project.

Building Your First Project

For a step-by-step walkthrough of creating, building, and running an example Visual Studio Fortran project, see Building And Running Your First Lahey Fortran Project.

Migrate Existing Code

For a step-by-step walkthrough of migrating existing code into Visual Studio, see How To: Migrate Existing Code Into Visual Studio.

Getting started with Lahey/GNU Fortran

For details about GFortran see the The GNU Fortran Compiler.

Starting the help system

The help system can be started independently from Visual Studio by selecting Lahey Fortran Help (under Documentation) fromWindows Start.

The help system can also be started by selecting View Lahey Fortran Help from the Help menu in Visual Studio.

Technical Support

For the most up-to-date support information, please visit the support page at Lahey's website: