Lahey/GNU Fortran

Filename Conventions

Source Filenames

One or more source filenames may be specified, either by name or using the wildcards * and ?. Filenames must be separated by a space.


LGF *.f90

For details on the interpretation of file extensions, see GNU Fortran and GCC. The -fix and -nfix compiler options can be used to control the assumed extension and override the interpretation specified by the extension.

Object Filenames

The default name for an object file is the same as the source file base name, with the .o extension. By default, the object file is placed in the current directory.

Output Filenames

The default name for the executable file or library produced by the driver is based on the first source or object name encountered on the command line. By default, output files are placed in the same directory as the first file encountered. This may be overridden by specifying the -out option with a new path and name. The -out option is required when the first file specified contains a wildcard.