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WiSK Graphics Libraries

Winteracter is a portable Fortran 9x dedicated user-interface and graphics development toolset. It combines graphics with user-interface components based on the Microsoft Windows or Motif API's. In addition to a Fortran 9x subroutine library, Winteracter also provides visual user interface design tools.

The Winteracter Starter Kit (WiSK) is derived from the full version of Winteracter. It includes a WiSK-specific version of the Winteracter Resource Editor (the menu/dialog/image designer) plus a library of subroutines.

A full set of examples is available under the WiSK subfolder of the Examples installed with this product.

To create a Windows application using procedures from the WiSK library, specify the -wisk option along with the program source and the name of a resource file created with ResEdit.


LGF myprog.f90 myrc.rc -wisk

In this example, the source file MYPROG.F90 contains calls to the WiSK library and MYRC.RC contains resource definitions created by ResEdit.

For more help on WiSK, see the WiSK Help installed with this product.

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