Lahey Fortran

Code Completion

Code Completion is a source code editor feature that assists rapid development by offering an alphabetical list of possible keywords, names, and code snippets that might be entered as code is typed into the editor.

The list display is triggered by typing an alphabetic character at the beginning of a line, after whitespace, or after any symbol. It will not be displayed on a specification statement (where a specification keyword exists).

If another character is typed, the list will be reduced to only those items that begin with that text.

You can continue to type, select from the, press the Tab key after selecting to insert the Snippet and start the snippet entry mode.

The list is automatically dismissed when there are no matches for the word being typed, including when a symbol is typed without a preceding space. The list can be dismissed at any time by pressing the Esc, Space, Left-Arrow, or Right-Arrow key.

Code Completion can be disabled in Tools | Options.