Lahey Fortran

Quick Info

Quick Info provides the user with information about variables and intrinsic procedures by displaying an informational tooltip window when the mouse is hovered over a name. Quick Info is currently implemented for all Fortran 95 intrinsic procedures, Lahey extensions supported by LGF, and variables that are defined within the same project. In order for Quick Info to work correctly, the source code cannot contain coding errors.

When the mouse is hovered over the name of an intrinsic procedure (tanh), a tooltip window, appears near the procedure name:

When the mouse is hovered over the name of an explicitly declared variable (x), the tooltip window shows information about the variable:

Quick Info can also provide information about module variables that are accessible by use association, provided the source for the module appears in the same project:

The Quick Info tooltip can also be opened by placing the cursor on the name of an instrinsic procedure or variable, and clicking on the "Display Quick Info" tool button. The tool button appears on the "Text Editor" toolbar.

Quick Info Limits

Quick Info cannot provide information about variables if they are defined in modules that do not have source, or if they are defined in include files. In addition, QuickInfo does not provide information about variables that are not declared.