Lahey Fortran

Setting Project Dependencies

When a solution consists of more than one project, it is sometimes neccessary to build the projects in a certain order. For example, suppose a solution has a project to create an application and also a project to create a DLL. It is usually wise to always build the DLL first, so that the application can link with the DLL's import library.

Follow these steps to set the order in which projects will build:

  1. Right-click on the solution name in the Solution Explorer and select "Project Dependencies" from the context menu that appears. Note that the "Project Dependencies" menu item will not appear in situations where it is not possible to specify a build order, such as if the solution only has a single project.
    Alternatively, you may select the "Project Dependencies" option from the Project pull down menu.
    This brings up the Project Dependencies dialog box:

  2. Expand the "Projects" drop down menu and select the project for which you wish to set dependencies.
  3. In the "Depends on" window, check the checkboxes of the projects that the project selected in the previous step will depend on:

  4. You can check on the compilation order by selecting the "Build Order" tab: