Compatible Products

This Compatible Products list is your source for products compatible with Lahey Fortran language systems. These products are developed by Lahey Independent Software Vendors. This list is divided into the following categories:

Compatible Products

Graphics and User Interface Tools and Libraries


Winteracter is a Fortran user interface and graphics toolset, consisting of various visual development tools and a substantial subroutine library. Winteracter is designed specifically for use with compilers which support Fortran 90 or later. Applications can be developed solely in Fortran with a full graphical user interface, without having to resort to API access, mixed language programming or DLL's. Winteracter-based programs may be distributed without futher payment of any type of royalty or run-time fee. With Winteracter you can...

  • Target Windows, Linux and Mac OS X with the same Fortran source code.
  • Create 32-bit or 64-bit applications.
  • Avoid complex mixed language programming as Winteracter is a total Fortran solution.
  • Simplify menu, dialog, toolbar and button image design using the supplied resource editor.
  • Build applications on any of the supported platforms via WiDE, the Winteracter Development Environment.
  • Use meaningful names which make for highly readable and easily maintained code.
  • Call mature platform independent graphics routines derived from our earlier INTERACTER product or call OpenGL via our built-in interface.
  • Export/print output via Windows Print Manager or in numerous standard graphical formats such as PostScript, CGM, SVG, DXF, Windows metafiles and more.
As an added bonus, Winteracter requires no costly 'hidden' extras. A Winteracter licence includes all the routines, hardcopy drivers and tools you need for user interface and graphics development.
Compatible with Lahey/GNU Fortran, LF95, LF90, and Essential LF90.

Winteracter is created by Interactive Software Services Ltd. and available from Lahey distributors.

GINO Graphics

The GINO library offers all the fundamental graphics tools needed to develop robust and portable graphical application programs. GINO's functionality spans simple line-drawing, curve-drawing, advanced chracter and font control, image display, color model definition, hierarchical picture segments, mouse interaction, event-handling, 2-D & 3-D transformations and viewing, polygonal windows/masks, viewports, and much more.

Over 1000 are using GINO as the graphics engine for their application development, utilizing the wealth of facilities within GINO available across all computing platforms. The GINO range of software offers the most cost-effective and versatile graphical tool kit on the market. Compatible with LF90 and LF95.

GINO products are created by Bradly Associates Ltd. and available from Lahey distributors.


MATFOR is a set of Fortran 90/95 and C/C++ libraries that enhances your program with dynamic visualization capabilities, shortens your numerical code and speeds up your development process. By adding a few lines of MATFOR code to your Fortran program, you can easily visualize your computing results, perform run-time animations, and even produce a movie presentation file as you execute your program. Debugging is easily performed with the debugging facilities provided by MATFOR Graphics Viewer. You can pause an animation, view the current data using MATFOR Data Viewer, and examine any aberrations. MATFOR numerical procedures are designed to be intuitive and simple to use. Using the numerical procedures, you can solve many technical computing systems, especially those involving linear algebra system, in a fraction of the time it would take to write a traditional Fortran program. Compatible with LF95 on Windows and Linux.

MATFOR is created by AnCAD, Inc. and available from Lahey distributors.


With RealWin you can transform your DOS-hosted Fortran program into a great Windows application in just a couple of steps. When you're done, your whole user interface is coded in Fortran.

RealWin lets a Fortran programmer create full-featured applications for 32-bit Windows platforms. Most of the details of handling Windows messages, menus, dialog boxes etc., are done automatically within RealWin routines. With RealWin doing the hard work, you only have to consider the high-level aspects of your user interface. All of RealWin's functions, subroutines, parameter definitions and interfaces are in a Fortran 90 module. Compatible with LF90 and LF95.

Indowsway Software
P.O. Box 6046
Aubrun, CA 95604
530-887-0564 FAX


DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use graphcs library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3-D color plots, surfaces, contours and maps. Several output formats are supported such as X11, VGA, PostScript, CGM, HPGL, TIFF and Prescribe. The library contains about 400 plotting and parameter setting routines and is available for color display. Compatible with LF95 on Windows and Linux, LF90, and Essential LF90.

Max Planck Insitut fuer Aeronomie
D-37189 Katlenburg-Lindau, Postfach 20


SciFont is a character set source library which provides Fortran users with fourteen different character sets that are based on an extended version of the National Bureau of Standards Hershey Occidental Font System and Graphics Symbols. These source data files are included in SciFont, together with formatting programs for the modification of fonts or the creation of new fonts. These programs allow the generation of binary character set files, the display of enlarged individual characters on a color display, the plotting of an entire character set file on the graphics printer, the merge of new characters into an existing set, and the dump out of individual character vector definitions into a disk file for editing. The SciFont product is not required for proper operation of SciPlot, but serves as a utility to do further development of character fonts. SciFont requires the MicroGlyph/SciPlot(TM) graphics library product to access the binary graphics files and display characters on the printer or color display. Compatible with LF90 and LF95.

MicroGlyph Systems
39 Downing Road
Lexington, MA 02173
781-674-1179 FAX


SciPlot is a scientific plotting library which provides Fortran users a set of graphics primitives that can be used to create publication quality graphics for engineering and scientific applications. Graphs can be generated interactively on the color display. Hardcopy can be produced on EPSON dot matrix printers, HP LaserJets, Postscript Printers, or HP Pen Plotters. Precise plot registration is maintained on all plot devices. SciPlot produces five types of export files (WPG,CGM,HPGL,EPS,PS), which word processors can import as graphics figures for inclusion in scientific reports. Graphics imaging primitives are included for "replace", "and", "or", "xor", and "fill" operations. Mouse support is included for on-screen data designation. 14 Hershey fonts are included.Compatible with LF90 and LF95.

MicroGlyph Systems
39 Downing Road
Lexington, MA 02173
781-674-1179 FAX

Universal Graphics Library (UGL)

The UGL/PC integrated routines allow programmers to generate graphics, charts, surfaces, contours, and 2D and 3D designs, including logarithmic axes, polar coordinates, 3-D mesh-and-line plots and error-bar charts. UGL was developed to provide a migration path from the CA-DISSPLA graphics interface in the PC environment and provide the same high graphics standard found on main frames. Compatible with LF90.

Galaxy Advanced Engineering, Inc.
P.O. Box 614
Burlingame, CA 94011
650-347-4234 FAX


FORGL (Fortran Graphics Library) enables engineers and scientists to produce (very) high-resolution color graphics in the FORTRAN environment on personal computers. FORGL is truly device independent, i.e., it automatically adapts to the hardware features of the devices it drives. Features include line, arc, and curve drawing, area fill, quadratic surface shading, line thicknesses (on printers only), 20 character fonts, hidden-surface removal by the list-priority technique and the z-buffer algorithm, segment structures for (correct) zooming and saving, as well as 3D transformations, projections, and viewing are supported. Linear XY, semi-log and log-log graphing as well as triangulation of random data points in 2D are supported. FORGL is CALCOMP compatible.

Since the printer drivers need to employ dither patterns to achieve various shades, the same can be applied to the screen. FORGL video modes are restricted to 16-colour VGA (and extended VGA: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024) modes. Printer drivers currently available are: Microsoft-WINDOWS compatible bitmap driver, HP Laser-Jet II (and later) format, the HP Paint-Jet series, HP PCL-3 (and later) formats, and Epson Stylus COLOR / Stylus PRO (ESC/P2). Compatible with LF90.

AEM Engineering Computations
18 Lantana Street, Heldervue
South Africa
+021-855-3081 FAX


mRAS (micro-RASTERIZER) is a finite element (FE) / computational fluid dynamics (CFD) pre- / post-processor used to plot computational grids / FE mesh with hidden-surface removal, plot shaded polygons (element groups, illuminated 3D structures, nodal- and integration point results) with / without grid lines, plot vectors or particle paths / streamlines with / without grid lines, plot vectors or particle paths / streamlines on shaded polygons with / without grid lines, triangulate 4(+) column data and plot contour lines, shaded "polygons" and / or vector fields. Compatible with LF90.

AEM Engineering Computations
18 Lantana Street, Heldervue
South Africa
+021-855-3081 FAX


Program mHIDE (micro-HIDDEN-LINE REMOVAL) performs true hidden-line elimination and (optionally) displays node- and element numbers, deformed grid lines overlaid on the original mesh lines as well as contour lines of scalar results.

All element facets are decomposed into triangles ABC, while the element edges are stored in a list of line segments PQ. The visibility of each element edge (or part thereof) is then determined by a series of tests that compare each line segment PQ to pyramids E-ABC, where E is the selected eye position (viewpoint). The benefit of a hidden-line algorithm becomes clear when writing node numbers or trying to locate modeling errors on complex 3D structures. Compatible with LF90.

AEM Engineering Computations
18 Lantana Street, Heldervue
South Africa
+021-855-3081 FAX


GRAFX is easy to use! If you know FORTRAN, the GRAFX library and examples provide everything you need to produce graphic displays and files (e.g. .GIF) on your PC. GRAFX is ideal for display of scientific, engineering, and mathematical data by FORTRAN users who are not computer scientists. Over 50 routines provide a variety of PC screen graphics displays. The GRAFX library is compact and fast. You can use the built-in high level routines or create your own custom displays using middle and low level routines. GRAFX is written entirely in Lahey Fortran 90. Source code is available. Compatible with LF90 and LF95.

Ridge Technology
1867 Park Road, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20010

Math Tools and Libraries

NAG Fortran 90 Library (fl90)

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) specialises in the provision of mathematical and statistical components to aid the solving of complex problems. The components, together with the other services NAG offers, are widely used by companies and institutions across a diverse range of industries to enrich their applications in areas such as financial analysis, science, engineering and research. NAG’s product portfolio includes: Numerical Libraries, Data Mining Components, Statistical Software, Visualisation Software and Compilers & Tools.

The NAG Fortran Library is the largest and most comprehensive collection of numerical algorithms written in Fortran. Produced by experts for use in a variety of applications, it remains at the core of NAG’s product portfolio. It has a global reputation for excellence and contains over 1280 routines for a wide range of mathematical and statistical areas. These routines, or algorithms, are powerful, reliable and portable across a multitude of platforms and operating systems.

The NAG Fortran 90 Library (fl90) was another world first for NAG. It was designed to capitalise on the increased functionality, power and elegance of procedures in fl90, as compared to those of the NAG Fortran 77 Library, where the language does not allow the same degree of flexibility. The main benefit of Fortran 90/95 is its improved productivity, and this is enhanced by the powerful and elegant nature of the language. It contains 254 generic procedures equivalent to about 50% of the contents of the NAG Fortran 77 Library. Compatible with LF95 Windows and Linux

The Numerical Algorithms Group
Wilkinson House
Jordan Hill Road
Oxford, OX2 8DR
+44 (0)1865 511245
+44 (0)1865 310139 FAX


Speakeasy is a user-friendly, high level computational tool. Speakeasy provides an easy way to perform 1000+ operations collectively designed to satisfy the needs of students, statisticians, economists, engineers, and scientists. These operations are evoked using basic words from all the user's natural mathematical vocabulary.

Speakeasy supports all standard types of structured objects--scalars, 1D and 2D arrays, vectors, matrices, sets, time series--and can solve an arithematic expression using these objects.

In addition, Speakeasy's numeric operations provides capabilities as diverse as statistical analyses; logical, conditional, and relational evaluations; numeric integration and differentiation; linear and quadratic programming; optimization routines--and much more.

Speakeasy can also generate ananlytical graphs, including scatter plots, line plots, histograms, bar and pie charts, contour plots and 3D figures.

Speakeasy's high-level language is well suited to the development of powerful, customized applications. Using the intuitive Speakeasy language, "non-programmers" can develop new operations and applications with mouse-driven front ends. Compatible with LF90.

Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation
2311 Alt. 19 North, Suite 6
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
727-771-6986 FAX


SDX modeling and simulation software combines aerospace technologies with contemporary Fortran into a powerful computer aided engineering environment. Its sophisticated architecture offers a seamless workspace for solving any problem which can be characterized by any combination of differential, difference and algebraic equations.

In addition to the problem description (modeling) SDX allows complete use of the language for experiment description (operations on the model) thus radically extending the problem solving domain (optimization, estimation, parameter id, etc.). Powered by advanced real-time computational algorithms, it gives the experimenter a high performance tool that begins where other simulation "languages" and their graphical counterparts leave off. SDX ver 2.0 is compatible with Lahey EM/32.

Eclipse Software
P.O. Box 25
Campbell, CA 95009
408-377-7618 FAX


MTASK is a tool to create multiple tasks within one application. It is a subroutine-based, parallel tool without compiler directives. Instructions that can be implemented in parallel are written into a subroutine and then dispatched to simultaneously execute speeding up an application. Similar to most memory-sharing, parallel tools for supercomputing, MTASK consists of the following essential components: task manipulation, parallel lock, parallel event, and data plate. MTASK supports Windows NT and 95. (Windows 95 is not an SMP environment, but simulates computations in parallel.) MTASK programs simulate multi-tasking on single-processor computers. Compatible with LF95 and LF90.

Equation Solution
830 Hastings Street
Baldwin, NY 11510


LAIPE stands for "Link And In Parallel Execute." It is a numerical analysis package that takes full advantage of multiple processors. Applications that link to LAIPE can run on both single- and multiple-processor computers. On a single-processor computer, programs work as usual. In an SMP environment with multiple processors, programs take advantage of the multiple processors.

LAIPE was developed with highly efficient parallel algorithms and was not optimized from public domain software, i.e., hisLAPACK or herLAPACK. All the subroutines in LAIPE are parallel in nature. The efficient parallel algorithms make LAIPE better performing. This release has plenty of powerful direct solvers, such as Cholesky decomposition, sky-line solvers, Crout decomposition, multiple-entry solvers, and other popular techniques based upon Gaussian elimination. More features will be available in the future release. LAIPE supports Windows NT and 95. (Since Windows 95 is not an SMP environment, LAIPE can run but cannot speed up applications on Windows 95). LAIPE is written with MTASK. A copy of MTASK is required when linking LAIPE to an application.Compatible with LF95 and LF90.

Equation Solution
830 Hastings Street
Baldwin, NY 11510


Global optimization (GO) is aimed at finding the best numerical solution of nonlinear decision models, in the presence of multiple local optima. LGO is an integrated suite of global and local solver methods: it can handle GO problems under very general structural assumptions. LGO can be used as a stand-alone solver (directly called from an application), or embedded under a Windows GUI, to assist the application development process. Other implementations are also available. Educational and professional versions, for PCs and workstations; User's Guide; free technical support. Other optimization related consulting work, tutorials, workshops, are also offered. Demo programs are available; test problems are solicited from prospective users. Compatible with LF90 and LF95.

Pinter Consulting Services
129 Glenforest Drive
Halifax, N.S.
B3M 1J2


GQOPT is a general purpose numerical optimization package. It contains a set of Fortran alogorithims designed to optimize general non-linear functions supplied by the user, as well as a number of statistical and mathematical routines. Types of routines include qualitative dependent variable estimation, equation solving, numerical integration, regression analysis, and simultaneous equations estimation. Compatible with LF90 and Essential LF90.

Department of Economics
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1021
609-258-6419 FAX


B34S is a multipurpose statistical package which provides OLS specifications tests including BLUS residual analysis, recursive residual analysis, limited dependent variable models (logit, probit, tobit), error componenet models, simultaneous equation models, markov models, time series models, MARS and Pi SPLINE models, and nonlinear estimation and optimal control analysis. B34S provides two-way links with SCA Statistical System and SAS. Compatible with LF90 and LF95 Windows and Linux.

Econometric SoftwareAB
1700 E 56th Street # 3001
Chicago, IL 60637


SciMath is a math data fitting library which provides Fortran users with three distinct methods of data interpolation. FFT, cubic spline, and polynomial interpolation routines fit given data to a suitable function. Data are input to the programs through a standard character formatted data file. The interpolation function is determined from the raw input data. A difference function is computed at given ordinate points, producing a difference array. Statistics are computed on this difference array giving a mean and standard deviation. This represents the closeness of a match for the generated function with the original data. Raw input data, the fitted data, and the residual points are listed out on the console or printer. The raw input data and the fitted data are plotted on the display or the printer using the MicroGlyph/SciPlot(TM) graphics library. Source code is provided for SciMath which may be modified as desired. SciMath requires the MicroGlyph/SciPlot(TM) graphics library product if graphics output is desired.Compatible with LF90 and LF95.

MicroGlyph Systems
39 Downing Road
Lexington, MA 02173
781-674-1179 FAX

Programming Tools and Libraries

ED for Windows

If you need to manipulate lots of text in complex ways, ED is the programmer's editor for you. ED has all the fearures you expect, like unlimited undo/redo, autosave and cut/copy/paste across files/windows, and lots of features you want, like column/line/stream-block operations and color syntax highlighting.

ED wraps everything up in an easy to use windowed environment with toolbars, toolhints and plenty of help, and adds its own advanced tools like search and replace with filters and file difference analysis to provide a complete solution for all your editing needs. Compatible with LF95, LF90, and Essential LF90.

Soft As It Gets P/L
12 Fairview Grove
Glen Iris
Victoria, 3146
+61 3 9885 4445
+61 3 8640 0849 FAX


plusFORT is a multi-purpose suite of tools for analyzing and improving Fortran programs. It combines restructuring and reformatting with global static analysis, dynamic analysis, and many other features in a single powerful package. plusFORT is a one-stop solution for programmers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers working with Fortran source code. Compatible with LF95, LF90, and Essential LF90.

plusFORT is created by Polyhedron Software Ltd. and available from Lahey distributors.


FORCHECK is a Fortran development tool that verifies the syntax of individual program units and the integral program, optionally for strict conformance to the Fortran 77 or Fortran 90 standards. FORCHECK detects many programming flaws, such as unassigned variables, mismatches in argument lists, and common-blocks. FORCHECK composes optimal documentation, such as cross-reference tables and a call-tree. FORCHECK can be tuned to your needs and can handle up to very large programs. Compatible with LF90 and Essential LF90.

Forcheck Group
Leiden University
P.O. Box 9604 2300
RC Leiden the Netherlands
+31-71-5276782 FAX


fthreads is a thread-based library for parallelizing Fortran programs using Lahey Fortran running under WinNT 4. The programmer has such familiar synchronization objects as barriers, events and mutexs. Threads may be grouped into teams, with synchronization objects applying only to threads within a team. fthreads has a trace mechanism allowing the programmer to record the actions of the fthreads libaray for debugging and tuning. fthreads is written as a Fortran 95 module giving the programmer the benefits of interface checking in the use of the fthreads procedures, and direct access to fthreads constants such as status and error codes.

An fthreads program will run under Win 95/98, but only one thread at a time executes.

A Workshop on Parallelizing Fortran Programs with fthreads is available. The Workshop participants bring a program to be parallelized; during the Workshop the participant works with the instructor towards parallelizing the participant's program. Compatible with LF90 and Essential LF90.

Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.
12142 Purple Sage Ct.
Reston, VA 20194-5621
703-471-0684 FAX

Other Utilities


GEMPACK (General Equilibrium Modeling PACKage) is a suite of general-purpose economic modeling software especially suitable for general and partial equilibrium models. It can handle a wide range of economic behavior and also contains powerful capabilities for solving intertemporal models. GEMPACK provides software for calculating accurate solutions of an economic model, starting from an algebraic representation of the equations of the model. Compatible with LF90 and LF95 Windows and Linux.

Centre of Policy Studies and Impact Project
Monash University
Wellington Road
Clayton Vic 3800 Australia
+ 61 3 9905 5112
+ 61 3 9905 2426 FAX
(03) 9905 5112 (within Australia)
(03) 9905 2426 FAX (within Australia)


SciComm is a serial communication library which provides Fortran and C users a set of communication primitives that can be used to control up to four serial ports. The SciComm driver contains circular input and output buffers, allowing parallel two way communications for user applications. A variety of baud rates are provided from 300 up to 56,000. Flow control is provided by software XON/XOFF or by hardware control lines. A complete user manual with numerous examples is included.Compatible with LF90 and LF95.

MicroGlyph Systems
39 Downing Road
Lexington, MA 02173
781-674-1179 FAX


ADORE (Advanced Dynamics Of Rolling Elements) is a software package to simulate real-time dynamic performance of rolling bearings. Customized applications may be developed using the user programmable subroutines. In addition, ADORE may be interfaced with other systems' simulation code either via customized subroutines or via data streams. ADORE is supplied in source code form compatible with the FORTRAN 90 and 95 standards. A FORTRAN compiler conforming to these standards in required to model customized bearing applications.Compatible with LF90 and LF95 Windows and Linux.

117 Southbury Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065-7714
518-371-3833 FAX