Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 (PRO, Standard, Express) v5.6 maintenance update

The update program below will update the current version of your product to the latest maintenance release version. This is only for owners of the same numbered version of the product. To update, download the update program below and run it in Windows.

The maintenance version is the alpha character after the version number. It is displayed in the first line of the banner when the compiler is invoked, as well as in listing files. The update program will update your product from any previous maintenance version. The existing product must have been installed from the product CD with the Windows registry information still intact.

To digress to a previous version, the product must be reinstalled from the product CD, then the update program for the desired maintenance release could be run. (Saving downloaded updates is recommended for this purpose. Previous versions can also be  requested from

  • LF95 v5.60h update program (2.4 MB). Last updated 2/27/02.
    The downloaded file Patch56h.exe should be 2,512,164  bytes.

    Note: This is the final v5.6 patch.
  • LF95 v5.60h update program for 3 1/2 inch high density (1.44 MB) floppy diskettes.
  • LF95 v5.6 Release Notes Please read this before downloading and installing the update program.
  • LF95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions of bugs fixed in the maintenance updates.

  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 v5.6 Release Notes

    The following descriptions are cumulative.

    Version 5.60h

  • See LF95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • Version 5.60g

  • See LF95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • -CHK (s) option
    Runtime execution speed is improved for programs containing arrays without array sections and compiled with the -CHK (s) option (subscript checking). Note that there is not any speed improvement if the -CHK option is specified in any way other than with the 's' sub-option alone.  
  • Version 5.60f

  • See LF95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • Version 5.60e

  • See LF95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • TIME service routine
    In ReadMe_Service_Routines.txt, TIME was incorrectly documented as a function instead of a subroutine. See the corrected text file for the subroutine description. Also, other service routines' examples where the TIME function was used have been changed to use the RTC service function.
  • Version 5.60d

  • See LF95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • Version 5.60c

  • See LF95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • -G option
    To improve compile speed when the -G option is specified, especially for large source files with modules, the default availability of module program constants for display in the debuggers (FDB and WinFDB) has been changed. Constants declared in a USEd module which are not referenced in the program unit will not be available for display. To be able to examine these constants in the debugger, use the compile option -LFE "-GCONSTINFO" -NG.
  • -SPLIT option
    New compiler option -SPLIT added. If the compiler aborts with this error: "8694-U: The number of procedure or data references exceeds compiler limit.", then specify the -SPLIT option. This will instruct the compiler to create and compile temporary source files for each program unit. An object file will be created with the same name as the filename containing the main program unit, and all other object files made from the temporary source files will be placed in a library given the name of the respective source filename. If linking is performed in a separate step, simply specify the main object and the library filename(s).
    1. When debugging an executable created with -G option, you will be unable to set a break point by line number if the line is out of the current scope. (Use LFSPLIT to permanently split your file for better compatibility with the debugger.)
    2. When using Automake to build your program, the library name(s) must be added to the link options.
    3. The -SPLIT option is not compatible with the -ML and -MLDEFAULT options.
    4. The source filename(s) must have the .f90, .f95, .for, or .f extension.
    5. The error summary at the end of the compile will not be displayed.
    NOTE: When error 8694-U occurs, the compile will automatically be restarted with the -SPLIT option.
  • Compiler options display
    The following compiler options will no longer be displayed except when they are explicitly specified: -co, -nf90sql, -nml, -nmldefault, -no, -out, -nswm, and -nwisk.
  • Version 5.60a & 5.60b

  • See LF95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • -PCA option with -CHK (A) option
    When -PCA is specified, constant arguments are protected, so specifying -CHK (A) will no longer cause an abort with a runtime error message when assignment to a dummy argument associated with a constant is detected.
  • Lahey ED Developer
    An error message will display if the program command line exceeds the maximum allowed length (before or after expansion of pseudo variables). Previously, ED would stop working or a Windows errors would occur. If you see the error, the command line must be shortened. The new pseudo variable <RESPONSE> has been created to facilitate this. If "<RESPONSE>" is specified in your command line, a response file will be created containing all of the arguments on the command line, and the command will be executed with a response file, e.g., LF95 @RESPONSE.XXX.
  • Modules
    Modules created with v5.6 cannot be USEd by programs compiled with previous versions. You must recompile these programs to USE the new modules. However, modules compiled with earlier versions can be USEd by v5.6 programs.
  • Runtime diagnostics
    The improved diagnostics with the -CHK option may cause programs to abort with error conditions which were not previously detected.
    Invalid real arguments to mathematical intrinsic procedures and exponentiation (** operator) expressions may now produce results of "Inf" (infinite) or "NaN" (not-a-number) and continue processing. Previously, a runtime error and program abort would have occurred. The internal representations of Inf and NaN conform to IEEE specifications.
  • -LIBPATH option
    The path argument of the option -LIBPATH <path> must be enclosed in quotes if the path contains a space character.
  • -LIB option
    Multiple library filenames specified after the -LIB option must be separated by commas and cannot be separated by spaces or line breaks. Alternatives are to specify -LIB <filename> for each separate library filename, or to specify the library filenames with the .lib extension on the command line without the -LIB option. The filename must be enclosed in quotes if the path contains a space character.

  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 v5.6 Bug Fix Descriptions

    The following descriptions are cumulative.

    Fixed in Version 5.60h

    • Incorrect result when multiple array-segment pointers are passed to assumed-shape arrays with -CHK (U) option.
    • Incorrect output when the preconnnected stdout unit is closed and re-opened.
    • Internal compiler error when rank 1 expression is assigned to a rank 2 variable.
    • Incorrect result of initialized module variable when declaration is preceded by declaration of pointer variable initialized to null with -CHK (X) option.

    Fixed in Version 5.60g

    • NaN (not a number) values compare as equal.
    • READing a file in a read-only shared network directory fails when the file is opened for read-only access.
    • Incorrect compiler diagnostic issued: "Function or subroutine not declared with keyword RECURSIVE cannot invoke itself".
    • Runtime abort when accessing a module data structure.
    • Transparent access read of byte 8192 returns incorrect result.
    • GETCL returns the name of the program in the debugger.
    • READ of real value 'D1RF' does not generate an error.
    • The period of RANDOM_NUMBER is not 2**38.
    • Code containing the FindFirstFile and CreateCursor APIs causes undefined symbols.

      Fixed in Version 5.60f

    • Precision of X= (X*Y)/Y is not exact in three out of 100,000 trials.
    • Quotation marks are not retained in GETCL subroutine result.
    • Flist internal error.
    • I/O error on file opened with ACTION='write' and CARRIAGECONTROL= 'fortran'.
    • When READing from a unit opened with PAD= 'NO', the ISIZE returns a value > 0 when no data is transferred into the input variable.
    • Access violation on WRITE.
    • RANDOM_NUMBER returns a 1 that is not in the valid range.
    • RANDOM_NUMBER will only return zero once RANDOM_SEED is set to 1.
    • Incorrect fatal error on derived type pointer initialization expression. 

    Fixed in Version 5.60e

    • Internal compiler error on TYPE statement with ALLOCATABLE attribute.
    • Incorrect fatal error on generic interface.
    • Subroutine is passed incorrect INTENT(IN) argument value with -o1.
    • Visual Analyzer hangs on start analysis.
    • Automake does not update AUTOMAKE.DEP file in some circumstances.

    Fixed in Version 5.60d

    • Precision of X= (X*Y)/Y is not exact in three out of 50,000 trials.
    • Null characters appear to be appended to file when read statements are used.
    • Variable with PRIVATE attribute used in module procedure has incorrect result.
    • Formatted sequential I/O execution speed is slower in v5.60c than in previous versions of v5.6.
    • Memory is not released when DEALLOCATE statement is executed.

    Fixed in Version 5.60c

    • Excessive compile time with -G option and very large source file with modules.
    • WRITE statement and OPEN with ACTION='WRITE' specified do not branch to ERR= label if the file has read-only attribute.
    • Incorrect array bounds error with -CHK option.
    • A system I/O error occurs when specifying FORM= 'BINARY' in an OPEN statement.
    • Runtime error occurs when reading a file with read-only attribute.
    • Lf95w.lib is overwritten by a map file when the invalid option -NMAP is specified.
    • IOSTAT_MSG returns incorrect error message for status returned by OPEN when the directory does not exist.
    • Results from LBOUND and UBOUND are incorrect for a derived type array with assigned bounds.

    Fixed in Version 5.60b

    • Sold95W watch window displays variable name in duplicate.
    • LFsplit program has internal read error 6.
    • Internal compiler error on illegal source code.
    • Out of scope private derived type components should not be accessible.
    • Incorrect message is issued at compilation time.
    • Lahey ED Developer crashes after DOS Error 24 message, caused by a command line longer than 123 characters.
    • Error "The procedure entry point __glutCreateMenuWithExit could not be located in the dynamic link library glut32.dll." occurs when running an f90gl example.


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