Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Linux Express v6.0 maintenance update

The update program archive below will update the current version of your product to the latest maintenance release version. This is only for owners of the same numbered version of the product.

To update, download the archive below and save it to the update sub-directory of the LF95 v6.0 installation, typically /usr/local/lf9560/update. Restore files from this archive using the tar command, and execute lf9560*_pro_patch. Note, the update needs to be executed from a root login, and the patch command must be available on the system. See the README in the archive for more information.

The maintenance version is the alpha character after the version number. It is displayed by specifying the --version compiler option. The update program will update your product from any previous maintenance version.

  • LF95 v6.00c update program archive (3.2 MB). Last updated 8/2/01.
    The downloaded file lf95v6.0_c_express_patch.tar should be 3,297,280 bytes.
  • LF95 v6.0 Release Notes Please read this before downloading and installing the update program.
  • LF95 v6.0 Bug Fix Descriptions of bugs fixed in the maintenance updates.
  • Projected release date for next update: (Undetermined)

  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Linux Express v6.0 Release Notes

    The following descriptions are cumulative.

    Version 6.00c

  • See LF95 v6.0 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • glibc
    LF95 libraries have been updated so that the compiler is compatible with Red Hat v7.1 and SuSE v7.1.  With maintenance release version c, LF95 v6.0 is no longer compatible with glibc v2.0.x.
  • Version 6.00b

  • See LF95 v6.0 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • Exit Status
    The LF95 driver has been modified so that an exit status of 1 is returned when compile or link errors are generated.  In version a an exit status of 0 was returned if the compiler executed correctly.
  • Version 6.00a

  • See LF95 v6.0 Bug Fix Descriptions.
  • -g
    The functionality of -g has changed.  When compiling with -g, constants declared in a module can not be examined in FDB if the module is USEd, and the constant has not been referenced in the program unit that USEs the module.  These constants can be examined in FDB if the compile option '-lfe "-gconstinfo"' is specified in the lf95 command instead of -g.  Note that using '-lfe
    "-gconstinfo"' can greatly increase compile times.
  • --pca option with --chk [a] option
    When --pca is specified, constant arguments are protected, so specifying --chk [a] will no longer cause an abort with a runtime error message when assignment to a dummy argument associated with a constant is detected.
    The procedure SYSTEM is a Service Function with v6.0.  The procedure SYSTEM was an intrinsic function with v5.5.
  • INTENT(OUT) dummy argument
    INTENT(OUT) dummy arguments are forced to be undefined in v6.0, as defined in the Fortran standard.
  • Modules
    Modules created with v6.0 cannot be USEd by programs compiled with previous versions. You must recompile these programs to USE the new modules. However, modules compiled with v5.5 can be USEd by v6.0 programs.

  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Linux Express v6.0 Bug Fix Descriptions

    The following descriptions are cumulative.

    Fixed in Version 6.00c

    • Support for Red Hat v7.1, SuSE v7.1 and Mandrake v8.0.
    • GETCL subroutine result not retaining quotation marks.

    Fixed in Version 6.00b

    • Incorrect fatal error on generic interface.
    • Incorrect results with --o1.
    • Internal compiler error.
    • Incorrect message is issued at compilation time. 1648-S: "source.f90", line XXX: An initialized object solver shall not be of a derived type containing an allocatable array as an ultimate component.
    • LF95 hangs when executed on SuSE v7.0, and the file /usr/local/lf9560/lib/.libc is not made by installation.

    Fixed in Version 6.00a

    • OPEN & WRITE statements do not jump to err= label if file OPENed or WRITEn to has read-only permissions.
    • Excessive compile time with -g option and very large source file with modules.
    • Incorrect array bounds error with --chk option.
    • A system I/O error occurs when specifying FORM= 'BINARY' in an OPEN statement.
    • Runtime error occurs when reading a file with read-only attribute.
    • IOSTAT_MSG returns incorrect error message for status returned by OPEN when the directory does not exist.
    • Results from LBOUND and UBOUND are incorrect for a derived type array with assigned bounds.
    • Internal compiler error on illegal source code.
    • Out of scope private derived type components should not be accessible.
    • Incorrect message is issued at compilation time.
    • Assignment to a DO variable by an internal procedure is not diagnosed when --chk [x] is specified.
    • Exit subroutine will only return an exit code of zero.


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