User Comments

"I have been building Fortran since 1966. I can honestly say that LF95 is the best compiler I have ever run on."

-- Houston Stokes
Professor of Economics
University of Illinois at Chicago

"Our application is based on the finite-difference time-domain method. Using the auto-parallelization feature of LF95 PRO v6.2, we reduced the execution time by approximately 50 %."

-- Masafumi Fujii
Dept. of Electrical, Electronic and System Engineering
Toyama University, Toyama, Japan

"I'm enthusiastic about the new Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 compiler for Linux. I've used other compilers for Linux. When I compiled one of my important applications with the Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 compiler, it ran nearly twice as fast as it had ever run before. Furthermore, the Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 compiler reported several mistakes that none of the other compilers had noticed."

-- Van Synder
Applied Mathematician

". . .may I just say that it has been a real pleasure dealing with Lahey for the past few years. Products and support from Lahey are first-rate. I wish my other most-used software was as reliable and that the companies were as responsive. . .thanks for keeping a good thing going."

-- Robert Cudeck
Psychology Department
University of Minnesota

"...using a second compiler has tremendous advantages in ensuring code integrity. Lahey has done its part to make this affordable by selling a full, optimizing Fortran 95 compiler for $199 [now $249]."

-- Mike Prager
Biological Researcher

"I'm very pleased with the LF95 package. It's a very convenient platform to do development on. For most of my initial package development, I've moved over to the LF95 package on my laptop computer. It's very quick and easy to code up a couple of routines, write a simple driver and test it out."

-- Stewart Mosso
Lahey User

"Fujitsu Visual Analyzer has been a great help in avoiding conflicts in the modifications. The help that Lahey Technical Support has provided quickly and without hassle has provided this project with a much needed shot in the arm! It has confirmed that my decision to switch to the Lahey compiler was correct. Thanks for all the help."

-- Barry Santana
LF95 beta tester

"Visual Analyzer is a real winner!"

-- Mike Prager
Biological Researcher

"I am very pleased with Linux. I run it at home and in my office. . Once people realize what you can do with a PC running Linux I cannot believe that there will not be more people moving this way. You should be proud of your team for getting this great product out."

--Houston Stokes
Professor of Economics
University of Illinois at Chicago
B34S(r) Statistical Software

ELF90: "Great compiler for students! Great language for life!"

-- Arne Kure
Computing Centre for Water Research
University of Natal, South Africa

"Your company's great strong point, in contrast to Microsoft, is that you listen to your customers, and respond. I am very grateful for that. I feared that, with Fujitsu involved, you would become less responsive to customers' problems, but you continue to do very well."

-- Ron Davis
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited