Lahey Fortran

Inspecting Threads

When a multithreaded program is being debugged, the state of individual threads can be examined using the Threads Window:

The Threads Window is available for display when execution of a program that is being debugged is paused by the user. When the debugger pauses execution on one thread, execution pauses on all threads at the same time. When a thread is selected, the debug information shown in other debug windows is updated to the selected thread. The information in the Threads Window is updated at the following times:

Selecting Threads

A thread can be selected by moving the mouse to the desired thread and double clicking the left mouse button on that thread. The debugger will then switch to that thread, and change the display of other debugging information to that thread.

Quick Stacktrace

The stack frames for each thread can quickly be examined by expanding the Location column in the Threads Window:

A stackframe can be selected by double clicking on that frame in the list. The debugger will then switch to that frame, and information in other debugging windows will be updated to show that stack frame.